AECOM Mobilitics

Mobilitics was developed to help our clients understand the potential impacts uncertain trends such as changing travel behaviors and technologies may have on their transportation needs.

Using scenario planning capabilities, Mobilitics provides guidance on the potential impacts that can be expected with dramatic changes in travel patterns and behaviors as well as when emerging technologies are integrated into a region's transportation system. By testing multiple scenarios, Mobilitics highlights risks and opportunities for leaders and decision makers tasked with planning for immediate responses and the future of transportation, allowing them to see the impacts of service provision, infrastructure and facility design, policy, technology, pricing, and business decisions.

This online tool provides a sneak peek at the capabilities built into Mobilitics and some of the impacts that behavior changes and emerging technologies may have on selected metropolitan regions. For more detailed analysis and customized results, contact AECOM to see what other services Mobilitics has to offer.